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I’m Joanna and a State Certified Conference Guide. I propose museum, historical monument and Parisian neighborhood tours – good spirits and amusing stories guaranteed!.

On your own, with family, lovers, groups of friends or colleagues, follow me in the Impressionists’ footsteps to Orsay or Marmottan, in the gardens of Palais Royal, cradle of the French Revolution (yes, yes) or experience Marie Antoinette’s last moments in her cell at the Conciergerie.

Reserve your visit in the language of your choice: French, English, Polish or Spanish.


Orsay museum


 The Orsay Train Station, built in 1900 for the Universal Exposition, became the Musée d’Orsay in 1986. This magnificent architectural ensemble made of glass and iron hosts the most important impressionist and post-impressionist collection in the world today.

 I look forward to walking with you in the footsteps of Monet, Renoir, Degas and many others.  I’ll also introduce to you the movements which brought about impressionism and its legacy.


Welcome to Versailles, modest hunting lodge of Louis XIII, transformed under the reign of his son, King Louis XIV into a majestic royal palace, residence of the 3 kings and 3 European princesses who became queens of France. Without delay, let’s turn right through the gate into the royal courtyard and into the chateau to discover the Royal Apartments. Through the half-open (partially opened) doors, let us imagine the private spaces, hidden love stories featuring past kings and queens. Discover the lives of the king’s favorites…

We shall follow the rhythm of the King’s day from his rising ceremony to that of bedtime, learning about the ritual’s etiquette. We’ll discover the famous Hall of Mirrors, which as we’ll see was not only used for balls and ceremonies.
And when we’ll hear the message ‘Ladies, Gentlemen, the King has passed! Long Live the King!’ there will be time for us to withdraw, on tiptoe, down the marble staircase and outside to get lost in the music of Lully and Rameau in the groves of the royal gardens…

Are you ready? Follow me!

Visit Versailles With Joanna
Enjoy Eiffel Tower with Joanna


Welcome to the Eiffel Tower! Let’s jump back to March 31st, 1889: the big day.  The Universal Exposition welcomes its first visitors and France celebrates the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.  After 2 years, 2 months and 5 days of construction, surrounded by much critique and opposition, the tour is finally raised. Now let’s follow Gustave Eiffel into his office at the top to discover the Iron Lady’s structure, and take advantage of, with our heads in the clouds, the most beautiful panoramique view of the City of Light.


Looking to discover Medieval Paris? Come along with me to Saint Chapelle, jewel of Gothic architecture, built at the demand of St Louis, and home to Europe’s most beautiful stained glass windows.

We’ll continue our visit to the Conciergerie, royal residence transformed into a prison where queen of France, Marie Antoinette spent her last days.

We’ll finish our tour in Notre Dame’s neighborhood, meandering throughout its picturesque medieval streets.

Ladies and Lords, are you ready?

Visit l'Île de la Cité with Joanna
Visit Opera Garnier with Joanna


Built at the demand of Emperor Napoleon the Third and designed by architect Charles Garnier, the Opera, named after its architect, was inaugurated in 1875 after 14 years of construction.  Ironically, the Emperor never saw the building finished: he died in exile in 1873.

The Great Staircase, the performance hall, the Great Foyer….we ‘ll take the itinerary of the wealthy and fortunate subscribers who felt quite at home in their theater boxes, not forgetting to get a glimpse of the one beloning to the Phantom of the Opera….

Let the show begin!


The fortress, built under the reign of Philippe Auguste, was transformed into a royal residence during the reign of Charles V in the 14th century.

The palace did not become a museum until after the French Revolution and hosts one of the richest art collections in the world today.

I’d love to show you this castle within the museum, its major works of art such as Greco-Romain sculptures, French and Italian painting, the vestiges of the ancient fortress as well as many other treasures.

Visit Louvre Museum with Joanna


"Joanna guided us around the outside of Notre Dame and through Sainte-Chapel and the Conciergerie. She was most delightful and knowledgeable."
Tom G.
Washington DC, USA


Joanna Cendlak, certified tour guide
Joanna Cendlak, certified tour guide, Paris